mercoledì 22 febbraio 2017

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” Maya Angelou

Mentre cercavo delle vecchie foto, mi sono imbattuta in uno dei numerosi task che mi furono assegnati durante il corso di laurea magistrale.
Eccolo qui.

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” Maya Angelou
Which one is yours? Write about it.

There are many songs representing myself depending on the situation, on the momentary feelings. I have also written poems about myself, but the song which best represents me is Impressioni di settembre of the Italian group Premiata Forneria Marconi.
“Quante gocce di rugiada intorno a me,
cerco il sole ma non c'è
Dorme ancora la campagna, forse no,
è sveglia, mi guarda, non so.
Già l'odore della terra odor di grano,
sale adagio verso me.
e la vita nel mio petto batte piano,
respiro la nebbia, penso a te.
Quanto verde tutto intorno e ancor più in là,
sembra quasi un mare l’erba,
e leggero il mio pensiero vola e va
ho quasi paura che si perda
Un cavallo tende il collo verso il prato
resta fermo come me:
faccio un passo, lui mi vede, è già fuggito
Respiro la nebbia, penso a te.
No, cosa sono adesso non lo so
sono un uomo, un uomo in cerca di se stesso
no, cosa sono adesso non lo so
sono solo, sono il suono del mio passo
Ma intanto il sole tra la nebbia filtra già:
il giorno come sempre sarà …”

This song describes as perfectly as a picture my whole emotional range: first of all there are moments of sadness and fuzziness, whose slow rhythm reminds the immobile time, as if the bad period won’t ever achieve a successful conclusion. Sadness reminds me of the character of the Dementor in Harry Potter saga: as long as my soul is trapped in dew drops, I find it hard to benefit from the sun and the countryside, or better happiness and freedom.
Outside the fog there is also love, represented by the word “you”, unachievable as soon as I am prisoner of sadness.
Then the lyrics illustrates natural landscapes and scents, as if bringing back to my mind the innate connection with Nature and my inner self, got lost because of sadness. I associate the memory of things I love and the memory of my inner self with the character of the Patronus in the same saga above mentioned.
The song then represents one of my favorite colors, i.e. green, which symbolizes the light heartedness typical of the youth, or better when I act enthusiastically and passionately. This enthusiasm and passion towards life are transmitted by the music, which goes on in a crescendo. But almost immediately fear enters the scene: fear of losing myself in the immensity of life. So the music expresses my soul’s anguish like a bolt from the blue.
Once more music proceeds slowly to introduce a moment of quietness, or better when I meet the horse, sensual symbol of instinctual power but also symbol of the Other. Yet as soon as I am getting close to it, it immediately goes away: this image reminds me my fear to be read inside but not to be accepted for what I am and thus to be let down by the other. Then again love enters the scene, though still outside the fog.
Rhythm reflects again my soul’s anguish and the difficulty of understanding who I really am, what my direction is.              
Finally the power of the sun, also symbol of the power of love, enters the scene penetrating the fog and making my soul hope and shine. The rhythm is thus slow and calm.

The final message of the song is that I must never lose hope to find myself again, although I have been losing myself because of bad experiences. Because love wins everything and breaks every wall. Because:

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